Energy shot cola

Composition :

water, beta alanine, glycine, I-arginine a-ketoglutarate , I-arginine-l-aspartate, taurine, I-citrulline dl-malate 2: 1 , d-glucuronolactone, acid (I-malic acid E296), guarana, caffeine anhydrous, flavour, preservatives (sodium benzoate E211, potassium sorbate E202), ginseng root extract, sweeteners (acesulfame K E950, sodium cyclamate E952, sucralose E955, sodium saccharin E954, natural stevia leaf sweetener E960), ginkgo biloba extract, N-acetyl I-tyrosine, I-phenylalanine, tri sodium citrate E331 iii

Dosage 60m!
Cool storage
12 months

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The Energy Booster is taken before training, to give the necessary boost. The formula is composed of active ingredients like arginine, L-Aparagine, glycine, Tyrosine, caffeine, Taurine, Gimseng, Guarana help reduce fatigue and normal energy metabolism.
With the Energy Booster you will reach your goals with a regained tonus and concentration.

Ideal also in pesiodes of examents, to keep the infernal rhythm to work and to remain concentrate during long journey by car.

Caution: Dietary supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children.

Packaging: 60ml
Aroma: Orange – Cola


Nutritional values

per 100gr. per 60gr.
Energy 41.29 kal 24.77 kcal
Energy 175.00 kJ 105.00 kJ
Fat 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.
Saturated fat 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.
Unsaturated fat 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.
Carbohydrate 0.91 gr. 0.54 gr.
Sugars 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.
Fiber 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.
Protein 8.91 gr. 5.34 gr.
Salt 0.02 gr. 0.01 gr.
Sodium 0.00 gr. 0.00 gr.


per 100gr. per 60ml.
Chloor 7.9082 mg 4.7449 mg
Iron 0.1249 mg 0.0749 mg
Potassium 6.6499 mg 3.9899 mg
Sodium 8.4518 mg 5.0710 mg



Amino acid profile (calculation)

per 100gr. per 60ml.
L-Aginine 4199.3 mg 2519.5 mg
L-Asparagine 1443.9 mg 866.3 mg
Glycine 3233.3 mg 1939.9 mg
L-Phenylalanine 16.6 mg 9.9 mg
L-Tyrosine 17.3 mg 10.3 mg


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